Syncopex® double central heating pipe.

PN6 / 95 ° C, C.W. PN10 / 70 ° C

The pipeline is intended for hot water and circulation in max. working temperature 95 ° C 6 bar. SYNCOPEX is a system of pre-insulated pipes manufactured according to its own patent,
ensuring excellent thermal insulation conditions and reduction of heat loss by up to 50%.

SYNCOPEX pre-insulated pipe consists of:
• PEX-a SDR 11, SDR7,4 line pipe
• thermal insulation made of closed-cell foamed PEX, non-absorbent, resistant to aging,
• HDPE outer jacket.

The pipeline structure contains an air space between the pipe insulation and the insulation of the housing creating an additional thermal barrier and is sealed with a thermal plug. This design not only provides exceptional thermal insulation parameters, but also exceptional pipeline flexibility. A self-assembly thermal plug is included with the pipeline in an amount appropriate to the sections.

The pipeline is manufactured in accordance with PN EN 15632-1-3.

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Price list

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External housing m / m250250200160140140
PE-X pipe ext. m / m DZ2x752x632x502x402x322x25
Inner diameter m / m DN2x652x51,42x40,82x32,62x262x20,4
Bending radius [mb]1,20,90,70,60,50,5
Maximum length [mb]100100100100100100
Catalog number2002502752002244263200200250200160240200140232200140225