Single Syncopex® GEO PE pipe for drinking water


The pipeline is intended for the transmission of cold potable water, cooling systems, heat pumps, geothermal installations.
The SYNCOPEX cold water pipe consists of:

• blue or black PE-100 line pipe SDR17 polyethylene 12201-2-2011
• thermal insulation made of closed-cell foamed PEX, resistant to aging,
• HDPE outer jacket.

The pipeline is manufactured in accordance with PN EN 15632-1-3.

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Price list

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External housing m / m
PE pipe outer m / m DZ63x3,850x3,840x2,432x2,0
Bending radius [mb]0,300,300,250,20
Maximum length [mb]100m100m100m100m
Catalog number117190063117190050117163040117163032